Face of NAFTI contestants with Fella Makafui
Fella Makafui

The ever stunning Fella Makafui endorses Face of NAFTI after she honoured an invitation to a private film screening with the Face of NAFTI contestants on Friday, 16th February, 2018.

Fella Makafui has been an influential figure after she was shot into the limelight through her role as Serwaa in the series YOLO.

Even though Fella Makafui was devastated by Ebony Reigns’ demise, she accepted the invitation to honour the event and was accompanied by her assistant. She enjoyed every single film that was played and expressed her satisfaction and encouragement to the good cause of the Face Of NAFTI pageantry. She was excited to take some photos with the face of NAFTI contestants.

Face of NAFTI private film screening.

Face of NAFTI contestants with Fella Makafui

Face of NAFTI pageantry is aimed at grooming young and vibrant female directors to fit into a male dominated industry. The event is slated for April, 2018. FACE OF NAFTI IS COMING.

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