My name is Kwesi Eduafo Arthur, a certificate graduate of NAFTI looking forward to completing a diploma course in the same institute next Academic year. My SRC president, H.E Kada Faisel managed to reach a consensus with Deal Real Productions Company LTD, the facilitators of Drama Republic’s filming of The Forgiving Earth to give myself and few other NAFTI students the opportunity to work as interns on such an international production with Netflix and BBC’s affiliation and receive certificates for participation.


My role on the set
I was working with the Drama Republic Team as an intern during the shoot here in Ghana for about 3 weeks, it was a very nice experience and an eye opener for an upcoming cinematographer like myself. I set the director’s monitor, change batteries of the camera and also take notes of the shots and scenes.


The Tragic Event
It was on 20th November, 2017 around 9:00 pm in the Achimota Forest when we lost a very humble and friendly man Mark Milsome who happens to be the B CAM operator… He was knocked down and killed by a moving car we were using to shoot a stunt scene that failed. It was the saddest thing to witness. We could not continue the shoot because it was a very heart breaking and tragic scene. The Director Hugo Blick of the movie The Forgiving Earth and Drama Republic CEO had to call off the shoot to show respect for our lost brother and friend.

Rest in peace Mark Milsome We will forever remember you.

NB: Unedited account of Kwesi Eduafo Arthur